Over 10 Things Great Leaders Can Do to Inspire Their Team

Leadership in the workplace is the capacity of a company’s management to provide direction and vision, motivate and inspire others to achieve the organisation's goals, and help to create an environment conducive to success by promoting communication and collaboration among team members. 

Great leaders profoundly impact their teams by inspiring them to achieve their best. They are future-focused, self-aware, focused on relationship-building, and capable of engaging others to achieve their goals.

Ideally, a leader should strive to combine a good leader's positive qualities with an effective leader's results-oriented approach to create a balanced and successful leadership style. This balance allows them to build strong relationships with their team while also driving the team toward achieving its objectives.

Great leaders are not only good leaders; they are also effective ones. 

What is the difference between being a good leader and an effective leader?

To understand what is effective leadership, let’s explore what makes a good leader and what makes an effective leader.

leadership in the workplace

Good leaders set the tone for the team and inspire others to do their best, while effective leaders get things done and ensure that the goals of the organisation are met. Good leaders may prioritise making their team members happy and satisfied, sometimes at the expense of achieving broader goals or objectives, while effective leaders hold themselves and their team members accountable for their actions and results, promoting a culture of responsibility.

Good leaders tend to focus on building strong relationships with their team members and maintaining a harmonious work environment, and often enjoy popularity and likeability among their team members due to their likable personality traits.

Effective leaders, on the other hand, are adaptable and can adjust their leadership style as needed to address different situations and challenges. They are also committed to continuous improvement and constantly seek ways to enhance team performance and achieve greater efficiency. 

Effective leadership also means that these leaders are skilled decision-makers who can make tough choices, even if they are not always popular, to benefit the organisation in the long run.

Leadership Actions That Inspire Team Members in the Workplace 

Great leaders inspire and motivate their team members to excel and achieve their full potential through the following actions:

1. Lead by Example

Great leaders set the standard for their team by consistently demonstrating the behaviour, work ethic, and values they expect from others. They don't ask their team to do anything they wouldn't do themselves. Employees trust leaders who both lead and follow.

2. Clear Vision

An inspiring leader who can articulate a compelling vision for the future helps the team understand why their work is important. This clarity in purpose and direction increases employee performance and invokes motivation, passion and positivity. 

3. Effective Communication

Great leaders are excellent communicators. They are open, honest, and transparent in their interactions. They actively listen to their team members and encourage open dialogue.

4. Empowerment

A good leader trust their team members and empower them to take ownership of their work. This involves delegating responsibilities and providing autonomy while offering guidance and support when needed. This results in an atmosphere of co-ownership, which gives people a sense of pride and belonging. 

5. Continuous Learning & Champion Development

Great leaders are open to new ideas and encourage their teams to seek knowledge and improve their skills. They foster a culture of continuous learning and development similar to the culture at Babilou Family Singapore, where opportunities to upgrade their skills, training, mentorship, and career growth are encouraged. 

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6. Conflict Resolution

Great leaders address conflicts and issues promptly and constructively. Instead of avoiding conflict, they see it as an opportunity for growth and resolution.

7. Engage With Team members

Leaders who lead with heart possess high emotional intelligence and can empathise with their team members. They understand the emotions and concerns of their team and can respond appropriately. Fostering a happy workplace increases employee retention, productivity and overall business success.

8. Innovation and Creativity

Leaders who are looked up to encourage creativity and innovation by fostering an environment where team members feel safe to share their ideas and take calculated risks. This fosters collaboration among team members.

9. Accountability & Inspiring Trust

Leaders set an example for their team and ensure that team members are accountable for their responsibilities and commitments. Trust is the foundation of effective teamwork, and great leaders work to earn and preserve it.

Team members feel comfortable relying on the leadership, confident in their abilities and feel motivated to work. 

10. Resilience, Persistence & Adaptability

Great leaders remain calm and composed in the face of adversity. They are flexible and adaptable in the face of change and help their team navigate transitions and see opportunities for growth.

Leaders who take one for the team persevere through challenges and setbacks, inspire confidence in their team members and help them overcome obstacles.

11. Celebrate Successes with Recognition and Appreciation

Great leaders celebrate both small wins and large successes along the way. They acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and achievements of their team members, and understand the power of positive reinforcement to boost morale and motivation. Team members are motivated to reach even greater heights.

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