If you are an individual looking to embark on a career in early childhood education or a seasoned educator passionate about nurturing the minds of children, we invite you to apply for a position.


Available Positions

  • Preschool Educator (English/Chinese Language)
  • Infant Educator
  • Assistant Educator
  • Principal
  • Cook/Cleaner

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Hear from our HQ Team

babilou family singapore

Dana Tan

Curriculum Manager

“At Babilou Family, we believe in lifelong learning and are dedicated to improving pedagogical practices while supporting the needs of our teachers.

"Apart from the onboarding sessions for new teachers when they join us, we also orgarnise interactive in-house curriculum briefings regularly. Our teachers and principals enjoy access to external trainings, workshops and courses as this helps them grow in their career and gives them the confidence to give their best to our children.”

babilou family singapore

Mathi Bavani

Cluster Manager

“The progression from a Principal to Cluster Manager came as a huge surprise to me. This made me realise that Babilou Family Singapore puts a lot of thought into internal promotion. With perseverance and determination, the management identifies the right fit for a given role and I am proud to be one of them.

“This gave me the confidence to look forward to the next milestone in my career. I was eager to start on the right note and together with my senior and buddy Cluster Managers, I was guided and coached throughout the different stages of this journey.

“I look forward to keeping up with the development of my professional growth as I take in greater roles and responsibilities, and give my best to Babilou Family.”

Hear from our Centre Team

babilou family singapore

Joey Poh


“I am blessed to have worked with Cluster Managers who are always there to guide me patiently and ensure that I learn the ropes of managing the centre well. It also helps that all the principals within the cluster are very supportive, and we share ideas so that we all can learn from each other’s experiences.

"Above all, I am grateful to my team of loving teachers and staff who are always proactive and enthusiastic about the work that we all do. Because of them, work is more enjoyable and livelier, and I truly appreciate their unselfishness and positivity.”

babilou family singapore

Michelle Yu

English Preschool Educator

“I look forward to the big smiling faces of the children when I step into the school every day.

“When I first joined, I got to attend training and workshops conducted by the curriculum team. This was very useful as they guided me on how to set up the classroom and execute the lesson plans.

“The most important skills a preschool teacher needs are passion, patience and being open to explore different ways to get the children interested and excited about learning. It is very rewarding and truly fulfilling – I can’t wait to have you join us in this exciting journey at Babilou Family!”

A Passion for Nurturing Young Minds

Keen to find out how we empower our educators with the skills and knowledge to enrich the learning experiences of our children?

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