Sustainable Education™

Sustainable Education™

At Babilou Family Singapore, our mission is to cultivate a pedagogical approach deeply rooted in Sustainable Education™. We are dedicated to nurturing children not only to excel but also to become conscientious individuals ready to positively impact the world.

Central to our ethos is the holistic well-being of each child, encompassing both physical and emotional dimensions, by attuning to their Natural Rhythm™. By harnessing their innate curiosity and pre-existing knowledge, we embark on a dynamic learning journey together.

Sustainable Education™ underscores the significance of embracing diversity and fostering inclusion, acknowledging the diverse cultures within our global community's rich tapestry. To ensure a well-rounded educational experience, we actively involve families as partners, fostering collaboration to support our students' holistic development. Together, we cultivate an environment where every child can thrive and realise their full potential.

Embracing the Natural Rhythm of Development

As a proud member of Babilou Family, renowned for its global leadership in early years education, we champion a pedagogical approach grounded in Natural Rhythm™. 

This philosophy provides little ones with opportunities to progress at their own pace, honouring their unique developmental journey. From infancy through playgroup and pre-nursery stages, we uphold this natural rhythm of growth.

Guided by the C.A.R.E Philosophy, we are committed to nurturing children's holistic development. 

Caregiving transcends the mere provision of basic needs, encompassing opportunities for comprehensive growth in physical, emotional, social, and cognitive realms.

Authenticity is paramount in our interactions, offering experiences that resonate with children and foster genuine engagement and understanding of the world around them.

Central to our ethos is the cultivation of strong relationships with both parents and children, creating a supportive environment where trust and respect thrive.

Engagement lies at the heart of our learning approach, promoting active participation and child-led exploration to ignite curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

In essence, the C.A.R.E Philosophy guides us in creating a nurturing, authentic, and engaging environment where every child is esteemed, supported, and empowered to realise their full potential.

Nurturing Natural Motricity

Natural Motricity™ underscores how children instinctively learn to utilise their bodies from a tender age. Confidence in their physical abilities is paramount for their success.

Encouraging independent exploration empowers children, fostering a sense of control, self-trust, and accomplishment.

Embracing Curiosity

Here at Babilou Family Singapore, we celebrate children's innate curiosity, recognising it as a powerful learning tool. Their incessant questioning signifies an eagerness to understand the world, fueling their desire to learn and explore.

By embracing curiosity, we cultivate a lifelong love of discovery and understanding, laying a strong foundation for their educational journey.

Babilou Cares

At Babilou Family, we go beyond preparing children with essential learning skills; we prioritise Sustainable Education™ and Care, instilling vital life values that empower them to flourish and contribute to society.

Our Sustainable Education™ initiative, Babilou Cares, is centred on key giving activities involving our staff, children, and families based on the following key pillars:

  • Education
  • Children's health
  • Environmental protection
  • Parental support and inclusion


We introduced Plan(t) the Future, focusing on environmental preservation. Through various fundraising activities, we successfully raised $50,045, which was then contributed to NParks' Plant-a-Tree Programme. Additionally, some of our families enthusiastically joined us in planting 148 trees along Sengkang West Way.


Our focus shifted to #EmbraceInclusiveEducation, aiming to embed inclusion as a fundamental aspect of life. 

Families from all 60 of our centres gathered at four locations – Jurong Lake Gardens, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Fernvale Community Club, and East Coast Park – to participate in family bonding activities. 

Together, we raised $54,850, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation to support their programs aiding families with children battling childhood cancer.

Giving Back Globally

Check out our latest Impact Report to learn how we strive to build a better world through education and care for every child across all Babilou Family countries around the world.