Our Brands

Babilou Family Singapore operates over 50 preschool and childcare centres, kindergartens and student care centres under four brands.

Each of these brands offer different learning experiences tailored for children during the early years and beyond.


Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse is a premium preschool brand under Babilou Family Singapore.

We equip children from 18 months to 6 years old with 21st century competencies that empower them to become confident and resilient individuals. With a unique curriculum that adopts an inquiry-based learning approach, our programmes offer a balance of play and school-readiness.

Our teachers play the role of facilitators as they plan the children’s learning based on their current learning abilities, interests and needs. Children, on the other hand, will be encouraged to develop their knowledge through play and active exploration.

With the belief that curiosity is the first step to learning, we aim to harness enthusiasm in young learners through an innovative and experiential learning approach.

Infant care programme is also available at selected centres, where we provide a safe and stimulating environment for little ones from 2 to 17 months. Guided by educarers, there will be opportunities for infants to explore and discover as they prepare for the preschool years ahead.


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little footprints preschool

Conveniently located in multiple heartland areas around Singapore, Little Footprints Preschool provides quality childcare and early learning experiences that are easily accessible to the community. Infant care services are also available at selected centres.

We strive to nurture children from 18 months to 6 years old to become confident communicators, efficient problem solvers and independent thinkers. Through a holistic curriculum framework, our team of dedicated educators inspire our children through a journey of discovery that stimulates their imagination and captures the magical moments of learning.

Our comprehensive English and Chinese curriculum feature integrated learning activities, a literacy-rich environment and age-appropriate character development programmes.

Most of our Little Footprints Preschool centres have been appointed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) as an exclusive Partner Operator (POP) and attained the Singapore Pre-School Accreditation Framework (SPARK) certification since 2015. We also provide opportunities for children to be in touch and give back to the community through our centres’ involvement in key projects with government agencies yearly.

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pibo's garden playschool

Our duo home-away-from-home schools along Bukit Timah Road foster children’s love for learning through the natural process of play.

Pibo’s Garden Playschool’s unique garden concept aims to not only enrich your child's early years through play but also stimulate learning beyond the classrooms. Popular among the expatriate community, Mandarin is also introduced to our children through fun games and interactive story-telling activities to pique and cultivate their interest for the language.

By providing a quality, play-based learning for the diverse community of children aged 18 months to 6 years, Pibo’s creates a safe and nurturing home-like environment for your child to foster their creativity, exploration and independence.

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learning leap

Established in 2003, Learning Leap provides the highest standard of after-school care services through our integrated curriculum which focuses on both academic and holistic character development.

Our centre is designed to provide a safe and conducive environment to primary school students from P1 to P6 as they catch up on their schoolwork and engage in meaningful play to nurture their strengths and abilities. Through our programme, we support the transition of young learners as they progress through their primary school years, becoming well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

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