Our promise

Educational Vision, Mission & Corporate Values

As the Asia Division of Babilou Family Group, we embrace this international presence by sharing best practices with fellow passionate educational entrepreneurs, as well as learn from the best in the field to benefit all stakeholders.

Being a proud member of the Babilou Family, we strive to bring quality education to young children and leave global footprints in future generations.

Babilou Family Singapore has a specialised training team who continuously develop the skills and practices of our teachers and raise the standards of early childhood education. We offer children the best possible start in life and prepare them for the world to come. Through active learning methods, we encourage curiosity, creativity, autonomy and teamwork to help young children develop their potential.

Our Vision
To be the leader in early childhood education in Asia.

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Our Mission

To build a better world through education as we partner parents to bring out the best in their children. Beyond nurturing our preschoolers with good life values and character building, we also care for the environment as we strive to play our part in reducing carbon footprints.

Our Corporate Values

Babilou Family Singapore fosters a culture of Kindness, Engagement and Team Spirit, all with a SMILE!


We take care of each other, we respect each other, and we are kind and considerate, whether it's towards children, parents, employees or partners.


We are willing and dedicated, and we act in full knowledge of our responsibilities towards  children, parents, employees or partners.

Team Spirit

We believe in the talent of everyone, in their individual intelligence and sense of collective responsibility. We are united and we grow together.

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