Our promise

Educational Vision, Mission & Corporate Values

As the Asia Division of Babilou Family Group, we embrace this international presence by sharing best practices with fellow passionate educational entrepreneurs, as well as learn from the best in the field to benefit all stakeholders.

Being a proud member of the Babilou Family, we strive to bring quality education to young children and leave global footprints in future generations.

Babilou Family Singapore has a specialised training team who continuously develop the skills and practices of our teachers and raise the standards of early childhood education. We offer children the best possible start in life and prepare them for the world to come. Through active learning methods, we encourage curiosity, creativity, autonomy and teamwork to help young children develop their potential.

Our Vision
Shape a better tomorrow through education and care

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Our Mission

To build a better world through education as we partner with parents to bring out the best in their children. Through Sustainable Education® and care, we prepare children to thrive and contribute as conscious human beings. 

Our Corporate Values

Babilou Family Singapore fosters a culture of Team Spirit, Passion and Continuous Learning, which serves as a guide to us as we give our best for our children and their families!

Team Spirit

Together we grow

  • We support each other for individual and collective success
  • We value diversity to reach better outcomes
  • We are kind, respectful and trusting


Driven by a common purpose

  • We do things with heart and care
  • We enjoy getting people on board our collective mission

Continuous Learning

Learning for life

  • We are curious and aim for progress
  • We learn from each other all the time
  • We learn from the environment and everything around us

Our Strategic Pillars Our strategic pillars drive all our teams across the group

People First

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 We empower and enable our employees and community of parents by being an employee of choice. With this, we provide opportunities for professional development, creating a culture of transparency and trust, and fostering an inclusive environment that values diversity and encourages collaboration.

Pedagogy of Tomorrow

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 We transform pedagogy into action by committing to the highest quality standards and a dedication to incorporating the latest research, innovation, and ed-tech tools.

Planet at the Core

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 Placing sustainability and impact on the planet as a core focus in all areas of Babilou Family is essential to creating a responsible and conscientious organisation. By incorporating sustainability into our curriculum and teaching practices, Babilou Family can instill a sense of responsibility and awareness in children from an early age.

Positive Growth

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 Deepening our local impact on each territory we are in by opening new childcare centres and making them more accessible is crucial to our mission of providing high-quality education and care for children and families. By increasing our local impact in this way, we can create a positive effect in the communities we serve, helping to build a more vibrant and thriving society for all.

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