Revealing a New Look for KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse!

At Babilou Family Singapore, we have always strived for excellence in early childhood education, as we provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for our young learners.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse by delivering quality education and care. As times change and expectations evolve, it is essential that we adapt and grow in order to continue providing the best possible experiences for our children and their families. 

We are thrilled to reveal our new branding image for KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse which reflects our commitment to quality, and the next phase of our journey!

kiddiwinkie schoolhouse

Our new branding image is focused on the philosophy of the winning mindset, winning experience and winning planet in the areas of Character Development, Creative Exploration, Linguistic Literacy, Sustainability and Global Diversity that takes every child to the horizons of success.

Our aim to capture the essence of happiness, creativity, determination, and sustainability that tap on the inquisitive nature of every child to prepare our children for the future and bring out the best in them – all of which are depicted in the new KiddiWinkie logo.

The New KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse Logo

With the refreshed look for the brand, we reinforce the position and reputation of KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse as it communicates our forward-thinking approach, our commitment to excellence, and our unwavering belief in the potential of ‘A winner in every child’.

Click here to check out our new way forward this the new KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse logo.

The new logo will make its debut at KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse @ Jurong Gateway – the 1st Innovative and Sustainable preschool in Singapore, which will be opening its doors in August 2023. This will then be subsequently installed at our existing Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse centres from September 2023.