Plan(t) the Future - Our First Sustainability Education Project for a Greener Singapore

To commemorate Earth Day in April 2022, Babilou Family Singapore organised Plan(t) the Future, a fundraising event aimed at educating children across all of our 52 centres on the importance of protecting the planet and making sustainability a way of life. 

Starting off with activities that included storytelling and discussion sessions on the topic led by our educators , Babilou Family Singapore's sustainability education journey then progressed to the creation of crafts by the children which were later put up for sale on Earth Day itself on 22 April 2022.

babilou family singapore
All set for the charity drive!

Concurrently, the families of children across all centres were also engaged with a selection of activities to keep the discussion and learning of environmental conservation going at home.

Flea Market for a Good Cause

The fundraising was then extended to our corporate headquarters, where a flea market was organised by the Sustainability Committee in May for employees of Babilou Family Singapore to contribute their pre-loved items which were put up for sale towards a good cause.

babilou family singapore
Pre-loved swaps in action.

Plant a Tree For a Better Tomorrow

Proceeds from the sale of craft items at the centres in April, along with those made during the flea market at Babilou Family Singapore’s headquarters in May, amounted to $50,045. This was contributed to NParks’ Garden City Fund through their Plant-A-Tree programme.

The Plant-A-Tree Programme is a platform by NParks for organisations and individuals to actively participate in the greening of our City in Nature by planting trees. With every donation of $300, organisations and individuals will be able to plant a tree in one of NParks-managed green spaces. The donation will support the cost of the tree and site preparation, while the remaining amount will go towards helping outreach and education programmes connect our local community with our natural heritage.

There will be a tree planting event organised later this year - do look out for updates on this on our website!