Management Series: Bringing Together the Best of Sports and Early Childhood Education

In our Management Series, we feature key members of Babilou Family Singapore’s management team as they share with us about their role at the company, together with some insights on parenting and the early childhood education industry.

Matthias Koh is the Vice President, Director of Business Development at Babilou Family Singapore.

As a father of three and an avid sportsman (he participated in the SEA and Asian Games as a member of Singapore’s National Basketball team!), Matthias is truly passionate about early childhood care and education. He strongly believes that children stand a benefit when they go through a holistic education, where sports and the arts play a prominent role. 

Tell us about what you do at Babilou Family Singapore.

I’m in charge of the business development aspect in the company and that means I look at expanding the market share of our brands and helping the company to expand overseas to bring our business offshore.

What’s your leadership style?

My leadership style is one that is very much influenced by my sports background. I believe in galvanizing troops, getting our people motivated and charging towards a common goal.

What do you love the most about being in early childhood?

The early childhood industry has taught me a lot about human development. We spend our time understanding how to provide the most conducive environment to nurture little humans so that they can maximise their potential.

As a dad, which stage of your children’s growing up years is the most memorable for you?

All the moments that I spend with my children are extremely precious to me. 
When I had the experience of bringing them to preschool back when they were young and adorable – but then as they grow up, they are almost becoming another adult. So, the feeling is different, but the affection is still the same.

What is your personal motto?

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

These are things that give me a lot of insight about how you can always better yourself – and it’s very important that we are always making progress because the world is always changing.

I think that humans are a species that is constantly evolving and it’s important for us to always seek ways to better ourselves.


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