Learning Leap Student Care Centre @ Newton


Learning Leap Student Care Centre @ Newton

At Learning Leap Student Care, we strive to cultivate our students holistically through academics and character development to support the transition of young learners throughout their primary school journey.

Why Choose Learning Leap?

• Daily homework and learning support with personalised worksheets and coaching to help your child make progress in his/her examinations

• Focus on character development to instill positive values and guide your child to become well-rounded future leaders

• Enrichment programmes to supplement and broaden your child’s interest in a variety of areas such as sports, science, Chinese and more 

• Supported by a team of passionate teachers who undergo regular training and work closely with parents on their children’s progress

• A cosy environment for your child to spend his/her after-school hours meaningfully 


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Learning Leap Student Care Centre @ Newton

204 Bukit Timah Road, Boon Liew Building #01-00