Babilou Family Becomes One of Singapore’s Largest Private Preschool Operator With Latest Acquisition


On 20 October 2020, Babilou Family, through its subsidiary Nurture Education Group Pte Ltd, (“Nurture Group”), has completed the acquisition of 100% of G8 Education Singapore Pte Ltd, (“G8 Education Singapore”), the Singapore operations of Australia’s largest public preschool operator, G8 Education Ltd (ASX:GEM) (“G8 Education”).

Babilou Family Group is an early education organsation based in France that operates in 12 countries. The acquisition of G8 Education Singapore covers 17 childcare centres that are wholly-owned and 18 other preschools managed through franchise agreements under the Cherie Hearts, Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse and Bright Juniors brands.

As a result of the acquisition efforts, Babilou Family propels itself to be one of the largest preschool operators in Singapore. Following the completion of the acquisition of G8 Education Singapore and 8 franchise centres, Babilou Family will fully own and operate 53 childcare centres in Singapore under the brands of Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, Little Footprints Preschool and Pibo’s Garden Playschool.

babilou family

This recent addition reinforces Babilou Family’s position within the community of entrepreneurs that form the Babilou Family, where emphasis is placed on independently managed operations. The aim of this community of eco-citizens, passionate about education, is to contribute to building a better world.

Julie Koh, Chief Executive officer of Babilou Family said:

“We are very proud to welcome G8 Education Singapore into our group and believe that the dedication and engagement of the whole team will be a great addition to our operations. We are looking forward to continually build a strong group of preschools that offer families a high-quality education for their children during these formative years. We are conscious of the responsibility we carry to provide children with a high-quality educational environment that encourages the pleasure of learning, prepares the children academically, and develops their social and emotional skills. With a wider portfolio and more centres, Babilou Family will have more opportunities to grow and attract talents in the preschool sector, ensuring that children under their care get the best the organisation has to offer.”