15 things Organisations Can Do To Give Back to the Community

The good thing about COVID-19 was that it ignited a new consciousness for businesses that the communities where they operate are a vital component to their organisation’s success. 

When an organisation gives back to the community, it helps the business build goodwill and brand loyalty because customers are more likely to do business with companies that support causes they care about. Employees also tend to stay with such organisations and are more motivated to be productive. 

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Businesses also benefit from exposure to new ideas, perspectives, and challenges, which can foster innovation and learning. Through these corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, employees are encouraged to improve teamwork, better their skills such as communication and organisation through volunteer activities, boost employee morale and foster a sense of pride and purpose among employees.

In return, the community provides a support system for the business environment and inspires networking opportunities for the business to thrive.

Tips to Encourage Employee Volunteerism through CSR Activities

Organisations can encourage volunteerism in their employees in the following ways:

During your goal-setting or planning stages, explore causes that balance company priorities and employee passions to give back to the community. This will encourage like-minded employees to come together behind a cause and act as ambassadors for your community engagement projects. 

Make participation easier by providing a variety of support options for your employee volunteerism. For example, some may prefer to donate time by volunteering while others prefer monetary donations.

Conducting periodic community service days will instil in your employees the idea of volunteerism and become accustomed to performing service activities together. This win-win strategy is a favourite among organisations as it blends team-building experience with giving back to the community. 

Another tip to encourage employee volunteerism is to allow your employees to give back in areas of their expertise. Not only will this provide an opportunity for them to showcase their skill, but it also provides opportunities for others to apply their skills in areas outside of their job scope. 

Ways Organisations Can Give Back to the Community 

There are many ways for organisations to give back to the community. The most common ones include Charitable Donations where the business contributes financially to nonprofit organisations, charities, or community foundations that align with the company's values and goals. 

Other ways that you can consider giving back to the community include: 

1. Volunteer Programmes 

This is where employees volunteer their time and skills to support local community organisations or initiatives, and is another way organisations can give back to the community.

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As part of Babilou Family Singapore’s CSR programme, we initiated our Tomorrow Starts Now programme (2023) in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Families across all our 60 centres came together to participate in games and fund-raising activities to encourage social inclusion, environmental awareness in nature conservation and responsible consumption. 

2. Sponsorship

Sponsor local events, sports teams, cultural activities, or educational programmes to promote community engagement.

3. Skills-Based Pro Bono Services

Provide pro bono services based on the expertise of the company's employees to help nonprofits or community groups with specific needs.

4. Education Support

Partner with schools or educational programs to provide resources, mentorship, or scholarships to students.

5. Health and Wellness Programmes

Promote community health through activities like health fairs, blood drives, or partnerships with healthcare organisations. 

6. Support for Vulnerable Populations

Assist underprivileged or vulnerable groups with initiatives like food drives, clothing donations, or shelters for the homeless.

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7. Community Development

Invest in infrastructure or projects that enhance the quality of life in the community, such as parks, community centres, or affordable housing.

8. Crisis Relief

Provide assistance during natural disasters, pandemics, or other crises by donating funds, supplies, or volunteering support.

9. Partnerships with Nonprofits

Collaborate with nonprofit organisations on specific projects or campaigns that align with the company's mission.

10. Youth Development

Offer mentorship programmes, internships, or workshops for young people to help them build valuable skills and knowledge.

11. Arts and Culture Support

Fund cultural events, art exhibitions, or creative projects that enrich the cultural fabric of the community.

12. Employee Matching Programmes 

Match employee donations or volunteer hours to amplify the impact of individual efforts.

13. Local Sourcing and Procurement 

Purchase goods and services locally to support local businesses and stimulate the local economy.

14. Training and Workforce Development

Provide training programmes or initiatives that enhance the skills and employability of community members. For example, promoting digital literacy and providing access to technology in underserved communities.

15. Community Engagement Events

Host events or workshops that engage the community and engage with members to provide solutions. For example, the environmental initiative that Babilou Family Singapore supports encourages sustainability and environmental efforts such as tree planting, clean-up events, or carbon offset programmes. 

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In line with our efforts to be a responsible and conscientious organisation, we raised over $50,000 to NParks’ Plant-a-Tree programme in 2022 and planted about 148 trees along Sengkang West Way. 

The Larger Purpose of Giving Back

In summary, it is crucial for organisations to give back to society because it demonstrates social responsibility, builds trust and goodwill, enhances brand reputation, and strengthens relationships with stakeholders. Giving back fosters employee engagement and job satisfaction, making it easier to attract and retain top talent. 

It can also stimulate economic growth in the community and help address pressing social and environmental issues. Additionally, it aligns the organisation with a higher purpose and ethical business practices, contributing to its long-term sustainability.

By investing in the well-being of the community, organisations create a positive impact that extends beyond profit, benefiting society and the business itself.


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