KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse @ Orchard


KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse @ Orchard

Situated in the bustling city centre of Singapore, our Orchard campus offers a creative learning environment that encompasses three interconnected components related to everyday life: Learn, Environment and Community.

With an open concept classroom, we offer an inclusive setting that engages children across age groups as they learn to build a culture of sharing, collaboration and learning through exploration, experience and reflection.

The campus is also well equipped with outdoor facilities that include an outdoor playground, water play pool, a cycling track and a gardening corner. To provide an authentic learning experience, there is a Cook and Bake kitchen and dance studio where our children head to for their specialised programmes during the day. 

Our Orchard campus offers a trilingual learning environment with the option of taking on Japanese, Korean and French as a third language (all-inclusive in school fees).

Infant care services are available for little ones from 2 to 17 months.

KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse @ Orchard

15 Scotts Road, Thong Teck Building #02-01